As data footprints in research organizations increase into the petabyte scale, so does the need to understand and visualize how that data is being used.

While Qumulo Core modern scale-out storage gives you powerful insights into your data, you can take this one step further by building custom visualizations using our programmable REST API.

Watch this 25-minute on-demand webinar to learn how to:

  • Understand the usage patterns of your data to best manage your storage environment
  • Create interesting visualizations of your organization’s data using Qumulo Core’s programmable REST API
  • Use the Qumulo QPI with common data scientist tools such as Python’s jupyter Notebook
Michael Murray
Developer Advocate, Qumulo

Michael Murray is a software engineer with over 25 years of experience, both in creating new products (startups in the 1990s and now) contributing to existing products (Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Dynamics) and both consuming and shipping APIs and developer tools (Microsoft .NET). He is passionate about open source software and extensibility scenarios and is the curator/primary contributor for Qumulo’s growing body of sample code on GitHub ( Michael loves talking about code, bicycling and music. 

Tommy Unger
Data Visualization Lead, Qumulo

From performance testing and analysis on the early days ASP.Net, to real estate market analysis at Zillow and Redfin, to data driven product management at Optify, to visualization and analytics at Qumulo, I've consistently immersed myself in data and technology throughout my career. My strengths and interests are bringing out the diamonds of data insights from large, complex, and messy data sets and systems.

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