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Do you frequently run out of storage capacity in your facility? Do you ever spend hours chasing down a performance problem only to find it is due to a rogue user or job? Have you spent time creating automation to give you visibility into your storage footprint?

Qumulo offers the world’s first data-aware scale-out NAS, delivering real-time analytics that provide visibility into data usage and storage across flexible, fast and highly scalable commodity hardware. Qumulo Core’s integrated file system analytics allows media and entertainment companies to get real-time answers about their data footprint at incredible scale and provides unmatched support for the widest range of workflows. Qumulo’s media and entertainment customers include Ant Farm, Atomic Fiction, Blind Studios, FotoKem, MSG Networks, Sportvision, TELUS Studios, Zoic Studios, and many others.

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About Qumulo

Qumulo, headquartered in Seattle, pioneered data-aware scale-out NAS, which enables enterprises to manage and store enormous numbers of digital assets by building real-time analytics directly into the file system. Qumulo Core is a software-only solution designed to leverage the price/performance of commodity hardware coupled with the modern technologies of flash, virtualization and cloud. Qumulo was founded in 2012 by the inventors of scale-out NAS, and has attracted a team of storage innovators from Isilon, Amazon Web Services, Google, and Microsoft. Qumulo has raised $100 million in three rounds of funding from leading investors. For more information, visit

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