Qumulo innovates by managing the content, not just the storage

We live in an age with an insatiable appetite for data. Greater scalability and high performance data accessibility have always been in high demand by commercial high performance compute environments. All the signs suggest that the influx of digital assets will only accelerate. At the same time, security concerns and big data activities are incenting organizations to have better understanding of the business value and risk of their content.

In this Solution Showcase, read why The Enterprise Strategy Group finds Qumulo's storage solution offers organizations a better way to manage, protect, and curate its content.  

About Qumulo

Qumulo, headquartered in Seattle, the leader in modern scale-out storage, enables enterprises to manage and store enormous numbers of digital assets through real-time analytics built directly into the file system. Qumulo Core is a software-only solution designed to leverage the price/performance of commodity hardware coupled with the modern technologies of flash, virtualization and cloud. Qumulo was founded in 2012 by the inventors of scale-out NAS, and has attracted a team of storage innovators from Isilon, Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft. Qumulo has raised $130 million in four rounds of funding from leading investors. For more information, visit www.qumulo.com.