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How Ant Farm Gained Visibility and Performance Needed to Handle Peak Rendering Loads

Ant Farm, a creative content agency, faced crushing peak design and rendering workloads leading up to major events, particularly the industry’s giant E3 convention. As existing systems slowed to a crawl, Ant Farm selected Qumulo File Fabric (QF2), the world’s first universal-scale file storage system, to get the operational visibility and integrated analytics needed to keep storage performing at scale.

Download the Ant Farm case study and learn about the benefits Ant Farm has enjoyed since deploying QF2. Ant Farm:

  • Improved productivity by proactively identifying potential bottlenecks before systems are impacted
  • Eliminated downtime with the analytics necessary to troubleshoot help calls in moments
  • Increased scalability and elasticity to handle peak performance loads

About Qumulo

Qumulo is the leader in universal-scale file storage. Qumulo File Fabric (QF2) gives data-intensive businesses the freedom to store, manage and access file-based data in the data center and on the cloud, at petabyte and global scale. Founded in 2012 by the inventors of scale-out NAS, Qumulo serves the modern file storage and management needs of Global 2000 customers. For more information, visit

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