Crafty Apes Relies on Qumulo for 2D Compositing for La La Land Film

Crafty Apes is a powerhouse in 2D Compositing, but even it was pushed in creating the 8,000+ frame opening sequence for the hit film and seven-time Golden Globe Winner - La La Land. Fortunately, the studio knew it could rely on its Qumulo storage cluster—and more importantly, the company behind it—to move mountains of data in order to deliver.

Download the Crafty Apes case study and learn about the benefits Crafty Apes has enjoyed since deploying Qumulo’s modern scale-out storage - including:

  • Increased performance to meet high throughput demands for real-time compositing

  • Lower cost compared to other scale-out storage solutions

  • Faster time-to-value and increased realability through Qumulo Care proactive support

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