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Brandon Whitelaw,<br />VP, Strategic Partnerships at Qumulo
Brandon Whitelaw,
VP, Strategic Partnerships at Qumulo
Whitelaw leads Strategic Partnerships at Qumulo. He previously worked at Amazon leading worldwide go-to-market strategy for AWS’s storage portfolio along with vertical solution development. Prior to AWS, Whitelaw was Chief of Strategy for Dell’s File and Object division where he developed their hybrid multi-cloud strategy and led collaboration efforts with Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and AWS.
Fabrice Gourlay,<br />VP of Sales EMEA, Qumulo
Fabrice Gourlay,
VP of Sales EMEA, Qumulo
Fabrice Gourlay is an innovative and dynamic professional who brings a unique edge to the world of cloud computing. With a deep understanding of both edge and cloud technologies, Fabrice excels in implementing cutting-edge strategies that bridge the gap between these two realms. His expertise lies in leveraging the power of edge computing to optimize data processing and seamlessly integrate it with the cloud for enhanced scalability and efficiency. Fabrice's forward-thinking approach enables organizations to harness the full potential of edge to cloud computing, unlocking new possibilities and driving transformative business outcomes.